Run Ticker
04/20/2024 12:14:0113 SMAngela Payne2937.462
04/20/2024 12:13:069 PROXRandy Asbury2040.911
04/20/2024 12:12:032 SCMackenzie Merritt1541.935
04/20/2024 12:09:5425 SMGene Breault2441.486
04/20/2024 12:07:397 TRRob MacGregor2837.568
04/20/2024 12:05:5428 TRHarry Hanson942.309

Individual Results by Class
Speedtech PRO-X No Limit Engineering Truck
Summit Racing PRO Challenger
Forgeline Street Machine Fun
Sports Car All American

Overall Results/Shootout
Overall Results
PROX Shootout TR Shootout
PRO Shootout SM Shootout
SC Shootout AAS Shootout

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